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Electrician in Goose Creek, SC

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Electrical Services From The Experts

At C&C Myers, our electricians in Goose Creek offer the best in electrical services. We are a well-rounded home service company with a broad set of expertise on the team. With a mechanical engineer and a Certified Environmental Consultant (CIEC), Building Performance Institute (BPI) Professional, and Home Energy Rater (HERS) on our staff, we’re prepared to offer the best in home energy assessments, as well as standard electrical services and care.

With over 45 years of experience among us, we are the right choice to service your Goose Creek home. Whether you live here because of the close proximity to Charleston or you love the access to natural features like the Cooper River and Central Creek Park, you are ultimately part of the local community, just as we are. And our ultimate goal is to serve our neighbors with lasting electrical services to power their lives.

For a detailed list of our services, see below:

What To Expect From Our Electrical Services

When you call us at 843-806-0131, you will talk to an experienced professional who will talk through your concerns and needs with you. Our electricians in Goose Creek provide services that you may not expect, including EV charger installation and ceiling fan repairs, as well as the critical electrical services that keep your home’s systems functional. We will schedule an appointment to assess your needs, and then complete repairs or installation, either during the same appointment or a future one.

Lighting Installation

Are you thinking about adding new lighting fixtures to your home? Perhaps it’s a new pendant light over the dining table. Or, maybe you need security lighting installed outside. At C&C Myers, we make it simple to spruce up your home with safe, quality lighting installations that will wow your neighbors and friends.

We’re also happy to advise if you’d like more energy-efficient lighting options. We frequently recommend upgrading lightbulbs to LEDs to lower costs and reduce your energy consumption.

EV Charger Installation

If you’re considering purchasing a new electric vehicle, you’re likely looking for charger installation options as well. Public EV charging stations have only just started to make their way into Goose Creek, so a home charger is your best bet for a fully charged vehicle.

Even if you only plan to use the Level 1 charger included with your electric vehicle purchase, it’s smart to consult with an electrician in Goose Creek like C&C Myers. EV chargers typically need to be on their own circuit, and your electrical panel may not be equipped to handle the increase in power usage.

Electrical Panel Services

Speaking of electrical panels, when your electrical panel needs an upgrade, repair, or replacement, C&C Myers has you covered. The electrical panel is also known as a breaker or fuse box. It is the place where you can control the flow of electricity in your home. It also determines how much power you have to work with, and it may require an upgrade if your home is older or if the panel itself is over 25 years old. Many homes in Goose Creek were built in the ‘90s and early 2000s, so they will require electrical panel replacements soon.

Surge Protection

Thunderstorms, which are quite common in Goose Creek and South Carolina’s Lowcountry, are one of the prime causes of power surges. A power surge can fry the electronics and sensitive electrical equipment in your home, rendering it unusable. Whole-house surge protection keeps your outlets, appliances, and electronics safe from dangerous and unpredictable surges.

Generator Installation & Repair

When the power goes out, especially during a tropical storm or wind event, it can be scary and frustrating to be stuck without power. At C&C Myers, we recommend installing and maintaining a generator to avoid the loss of power during an outage.

A generator is an investment. Whether it is a whole-house or portable solution, it will keep your food from spoiling, maintain your access to life-saving equipment, and keep your HVAC and other systems running so your home stays livable during an outage.

If you are considering a generator installation or need repairs on your existing unit, call us at 843-806-0131 for expert service from Goose Creek Electricians.

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