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HVAC in Goose Creek, SC

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How We Tackle HVAC

When your air conditioner stops working in the height of summer in Goose Creek, SC, it’s not just uncomfortable. It’s dangerous! High temperatures like those we see in the Lowcountry can impact sensitive individuals, as well as sensitive appliances and equipment in your home. Keeping up with the maintenance of HVAC in Goose Creek is a critical part of caring for your home. Both heating and cooling systems make life here much more enjoyable, from the middle of the summer to the dead of winter.

At C&C Myers, we promise excellent quality HVAC services, including repairs, maintenance, and replacements or installations. We service traditional systems, including air conditioners and furnaces, but also offer alternative solutions, including heat pumps and ductless mini-splits.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps transfer warm air to either heat or cool a space. They can be installed as whole-house solutions or as ductless mini-splits. While older versions of this technology struggled in cold weather, heat pumps have become more advanced over time and are now a viable solution, no matter the climate. In Goose Creek, they are ideal as multi-purpose HVAC systems with a track record of high energy and cost efficiency.

At C&C Myers, we install, maintain, and repair heat pumps for our customers. If you are interested in making the switch to a heat pump, call us now at 843-806-0131 to discuss your options.

Ductless Systems

Most HVAC companies in Goose Creek provide services for duct-based systems, but we also offer repairs and installations for ductless mini-splits. These handy units allow you to create a zoned heating and cooling system in your home, even if you do not have ducts. This eliminates the need for an expensive retrofit and is especially useful for home additions.

Here are some of the major benefits of ductless systems:

Who Should I Call For Furnace Repair?

Only a professional can repair a furnace. A qualified HVAC technician in Goose Creek is the best option by far. It’s good to look for licensed and insured teams with extensive experience, like the one at C&C Myers. We’ve been in business for 45 years and in that time have amassed significant knowledge about safe furnace repair practices. Also, look for an HVAC company with a history of good customer reviews to back up their claims.

Sometimes, a furnace stops working entirely during the coldest months of the year. Goose Creek’s temperatures do drop into the 40s and 30s overnight, and without a functioning furnace, your home will feel freezing. This is a crisis, and with our 24/7 emergency hours, you’ll be able to get help as quickly as possible.

What Furnace Replacement Means For Your Home

When you replace your furnace, your home suddenly becomes a much more comfortable place to live. If your previous furnace was failing, an HVAC replacement is a noticeable improvement. First of all, a newer machine will likely be more energy and cost-efficient, as technology has improved over the last 10 to 20 years, which is likely when you had your last furnace installed.

Second, a new and improved furnace will likely better heat your space in colder winter temperatures in Goose Creek. If you notice that your current furnace struggles to heat your space sufficiently, you can upgrade with a replacement furnace and work with the experts at C&C Myers to choose an HVAC system that is better suited for your home.

Signs You Need AC Repair

When your air conditioning stops working as expected, you may notice the following signs:
If you notice any of the above, contact C&C Myers immediately for air conditioning repair or other HVAC services in Goose Creek, SC.

How To Decide On A Replacement Air Conditioner

Answer the following questions when choosing an air conditioner to replace your old one:
Contact us to discuss your AC installation options! It is best to have your air conditioning evaluated and replaced before it stops working. We want to help you avoid the worst-case scenario of losing access to AC during the scorching summer months.

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