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The Common Cold vs Home Allergies

When many of us think of allergies, we think of springtime, flowers blooming, and clouds of pollen in the air. As well as on our cars, park benches and coating pretty much everything else in its path. How do you help reduce some of the excess pollen and other allergens that will come into your […]

Maintaining Your HVAC System this Fall

Now that the kids are back in school and fall and winter holidays quickly approaching, now’s the perfect time to perform your routine maintenance on your heating and cooling system. The last thing you want is to have your furnace break down in the middle of winter, so we’ve come up with 5 tips to […]

C&C Myers – 40 Years of Expertise

Over the summer, owner Jim Clark has been seen in the news multiple times, by not only local news channels, but national news channels. It has been an honor to be able to share our story about our company and its development and grown over the last few years. Check out our story below! C&C […]

Preventative Maintenance vs Dental Checkup

Let’s be honest, the world of HVAC is a hard one to understand, and like most people, if you don’t work directly with it, you’re probably not understanding it. It’s easy to put those monotonous and repetitive chores on the back burner; especially if you’re not seeing instant results. So I’ve found a way for you to […]

How To Maintain Your HVAC System In A Coastal Climate

Ah, the beach. Where the water washes away your worries, and the smell of the ocean air makes you feel refreshed and exhilarated. I think we can all agree, the beach is one of the most wonderful places to live, especially a Charleston beach. Although it is nice to be near these coastal elements, we […]

Plumbing Tips For Summer

Plumbing Tips For The Summer The changing seasons always provide the perfect opportunity to address some maintenance tasks around the house. As spring turns to summer, there are several things to do to take care of your drains and prevent future problems. At C & C Myers Heating, AC, Plumbing & Drains, we are here […]

How HVAC Services Knock Out Pesky Indoor Air Pollution

Scratchy eyes, runny nose, sore throat. Must be cold season, right? Well, not necessarily. We tend to blame outdoor allergens when we start to feel under-the-weather, but the real culprit may be even closer than we think. Indoor air pollution can cause a whole slew of health problems, ranging from minor irritations to serious health […]

Why HVAC Contractors Recommend Heat Pumps

Looking for a greener way to heat your home—not only to save the planet, but to cut down your energy bill, too? Your HVAC specialist knows just the thing: heat pumps. Efficient and reliable, heat pumps are a fantastic option for regulating the temperature in your home without breaking the bank. Perfect to both heat and cool […]

How Can I Improve My Home’s Indoor Air Quality?

Your indoor air quality is pretty important; it’s the air you’re breathing every time you kick back and spend some time at home. If you’re sleeping, enjoying activities with family, working out, or cooking at home, you’re subjecting yourself to the quality of the air you have indoors. Improving your indoor air quality is important, […]

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Notice

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