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AC Repair
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AC Repair In Charleston

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If your air conditioner is on the fritz, it may be time to consider AC repair in Charleston before the temperatures soar. You won’t want to go through a hot day in the summer without a working air conditioner! That’s why you should contact C&C Myers as soon as you notice something is wrong.

Our team offers Charleston air conditioning repair to make sure that your home stays cool and comfortable all summer long. We have more than 45 years of experience, and our team is certified to fix your AC with ease. Whether it’s a broken unit or a broken thermostat, we know how to quickly and effectively figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

We have won multiple awards for our HVAC services and we happily provide 24/7 emergency support if necessary. Contact us today at 843-806-0131 to learn more about how we can assist you.

8 Common Signs That You Need AC Repair

Most people wait until their air conditioner stops blowing cool air before they call for AC repair in Charleston. However, there are also several other signs that you should pay attention to before your air conditioner gets to that point:

If you wait too long to fix your AC, the unit could suffer further damage due to the strain of trying to cool your home with an inefficient system. This could result in higher energy bills and the need for more costly repairs. The lack of proper cooling could cause serious health issues due to the excessive heat in your home.

It’s also important to schedule an air conditioner repair in Charleston before you damage it further and require AC replacement. Contact our experts at C&C Myers today to get your AC back in good working order!

Helpful Tips To Prevent AC Repair

Our experienced team can inspect your system to determine the cause of the issue and provide effective AC repair in Charleston. However, regular maintenance and tune-ups can help catch any small issues before they become a bigger problem and help keep your AC unit running efficiently.

We recommend that you follow these tips to make the most of your air conditioner and to keep it working for as long as possible.

Changing or cleaning air filters regularly helps ensure that your air conditioning system is running efficiently and effectively by removing dust, pollen, and other airborne particles that can accumulate in the filters. This will also help to prolong the life of the system.
Keeping the outdoor condenser unit free from debris, grass, and leaves will ensure that it can operate without obstruction and will help to prevent any damage to the unit. Additionally, keeping the outdoor condenser unit out of direct sunlight will help it stay cool, allowing the air conditioning system to run more efficiently and effectively.
Scheduling regular maintenance and tune-ups for your AC system will help to detect and repair any potential problems before they become major issues. This will help to ensure that the system is running at its peak performance level and will also help to prolong its life.
Making sure your AC system is properly sized for your home will help to ensure that it is able to effectively cool the space. An undersized or oversized system can lead to inefficient cooling and higher energy costs.
Making sure all air ducts are sealed and insulated properly will help to ensure that cooled air is not escaping and will help to prevent any air leaks.
Making sure your vents are free from obstructions will ensure that the air can flow freely and will help to prevent any damage to the system.
Making sure all windows and doors are properly sealed will help to prevent any air leaks and will also help to ensure that the AC system is running efficiently.
Using a programmable thermostat to reduce energy consumption will help to save money on energy bills by setting the temperature to a comfortable level when needed, and then automatically adjusting the temperature when no one is home.
Keeping the thermostat set to 78 degrees or higher in the summer will help to reduce energy consumption and costs, as the higher the temperature, the less energy is required to cool the space.

If you’re in need of AC repair in Charleston, then look no further than the team at C&C Myers. We will help you enjoy your home again with our air conditioning repair services, and make sure you have a comfortable summer!

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