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A heat pump against a wall covered with snow.

Get Your Heat Pump Ready for Winter With These Fall Maintenance Tips

As we are transitioning into cooler weather, now is the time to start thinking about heat pump maintenance. To make certain that your heat pump can help you survive the winter, implement the fall maintenance tips outlined below to get prepared.

Change Your Air Filter

HVAC experts recommend that you change your air filter once each season. This rule applies unless there are factors that require you to change it more often, such as by living in crowded conditions or having many pets. Changing your air filter regularly ensures that your system will not work harder than is necessary to regulate the temperature in your home. If your system must work harder, you can expect higher utility costs and premature failure.

Schedule an Inspection and Maintenance

HVAC professionals recommend that you schedule inspection and maintenance once each year. This visit is an opportunity for the technician to spot problems and alert you to them, so you can collaborate to create a plan for resolving them before they become monumental. During a full-service inspection and maintenance appointment, the technician will perform the following tasks.

Check the Refrigerant Level

A low refrigerant level will prevent your system from adequately cooling your home. Additionally, you can eventually experience compressor failure because your system will work harder trying to achieve your desired temperature. During your service visit, the technician will check your refrigerant and top you up if necessary.

Test All Components

An HVAC technician will thoroughly inspect each component of your HVAC machinery and test them to make sure they are working at peak performance. Components include electrical connections, the condenser coil, the thermostat, all moving parts, and the condensate drain.

Check the Compressor

The compressor is a vital system component because it helps to maintain the temperature in your home. The HVAC technician will check your compressor to see if it is functioning correctly.

Calibrate Your Thermostat

Thermostat calibration is important because it ensures that you are maximizing energy efficiency. Calibration errors can lead to energy waste. When your thermostat is properly calibrated, your system will not run excessively or inconsistently. The HVAC technician will calibrate your thermostat to make sure it is controlling the temperature in your home effectively.

Make Necessary Repairs or Replacements

If the HVAC technician finds that any repairs or replacements need to be made, he or she will advise you of what they are. If you consent to moving forward with the process, repairs and replacements will either be done on the same day or during a separate appointment.

Rake the Leaves

When the wind blows, leaves can get stuck in your outdoor unit where they can clog up your condenser coils, reduce air flow, and provide a perfect breeding ground for biological growth. Rake leaves as soon as they begin falling because when they accumulate, they cause problems.

A full-service inspection and maintenance appointment usually lasts about an hour. To ensure that your Charleston, SC home will remain comfortable during the winter, contact us at C&C Myers today for heat pump maintenance.

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